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Dr. Larry C. Bobbert
Adjunct Professor


Eastern Kentucky

Media Consultant -
Speaker - Trainer


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Bluegrass Who
Dun it
Available on DVD

Tai Chi
Can be a great way to
energize your people at a
workshop or convention
859 623 9645
5 Element DVD Available
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Link to Midway College, KY
Is the USA a
Click on the link to the left
for an answer that shocks
many people.
Lary                     Moe                  Curley
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Link to Midway College, KY
Twenty years from now
you will be more
disappointed by the
things you didn’t  do
than by the ones you
So throw off the
bowlines.  Sail away
from the safe harbor.  
Catch the trade winds
in your sails.  Explore.  
Dream.  Discover.  

Mark Twain
Dr. Bobbert's movie
is available on DVD.
"Grand children fill a hole in the heart
that you didn't know was there"
Nana And Grandad got a place closer to the twins, but can't decide if we want to stay
Kentuckians or become Buckeys.  Guess we will wait until Spring to decide what to sell.
 Click a picture to learn more about the condo.
Classes/ Tutorials
available include
Tai Chi -
Using Computer
software -
Communications -
Public Speaking
Small classes and
private tutoring are

Contact Dr. Bobbert at
"Who told you it
was going to be

Jeff Marcum
Kentucky Home
TWINS RETREAT in Mason, Ohio
Nobody can make
you feel bad or
inferior without
your permission.
Link to Morehead at Mt Sterling Bobbert Classes
Nidan Test
August 28,
drawing to
see video
Blessed are they
who can laugh
at themselves,
for they shall
never cease to
be amused!"

(Unknown Author)
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